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  • Mar 01, 2019

Creative Alchemy: ACAW’s Field Meeting Take 6

MOE SATT, F n’ F (Face and Fingers), documentation of performance at “Field Meeting Take 6: Thinking Collections,” Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, 2019. Courtesy Asia Contemporary Art Week.

To kick off Asia Contemporary Art Week’s two-day forum, “Field Meeting Take 6: Thinking Collections,” curator and writer Leeza Ahmady performed a reading of On Kings, Films and Astronomads: A Script from Cave Paintings / Sufi Fluxus Production (2017). The fictional story begins with a king reflecting on his life to an audience of transcended beings, who evaluate his readiness for the astral plane, where all energetic bodies—comprised of abstract thoughts and emotions—merge. After deliberating, the judges decide to grant the king entry to the dimension of oneness. This realm served as a backdrop for the ensuing events of “Thinking Collections,” which prompted presenters and audience members to reflect on their own perspectives and uncover the intersections between each others’ ideas—ultimately transforming their inner-worlds and outlooks.