• Ideas
  • Nov 13, 2019

Living Fictions, Actualizing Worlds: Interview with Pierre Huyghe

PIERRE HUYGHE at Okayama Art Summit 2019. Photo by Taiichi Yamada. Courtesy Okayama Art Summit.

Other than with the medium of artificial intelligence, it can be difficult for us to imagine art as its own form of life. Paris- and New York-based sculptor and installation artist Pierre Huyghe has attempted to actualize an imaginary world to explore the ontology of objects, challenging anthropocentric conceptions of existence. As the artistic director of Okayama Art Summit 2019, he gathered 17 artists and collectives to create “If the Snake,” an international exhibition and an evolving system, where different forms of life were realized via biological, chemical, and algorithmic processes. In a studio next to the Asahi River, he sat down with _ArtAsiaPacific_ to discuss his approach to the Summit, the potential of fiction-making, and the idea of objects as living entities.