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  • Sep 02, 2019

Roundup from Art Jakarta 2019

Congratulatory floral plaques were lined up opposite the entrance to the convention center, where Art Jakarta 2019 was held, contrasting the fair’s sleeker branding, seen in the banners behind the plaques. All photos by Chloe Chu for ArtAsiaPacific.

The threat of a global economic recession cast no shadows over Art Jakarta (August 30–September 1). Presented annually from 2008 to 2017 as Bazaar Art Jakarta—and known thereafter as Art Jakarta—by Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, the event underwent a near-complete rehaul. The 2019 edition was spearheaded by a new management team comprising collector Tom Tandio and curator Enin Supriyanto, and rebirthed with major upgrades to the venue. Gone were the gaudy carpets and chandeliers of the Ritz Carlton ballroom; galleries hung their wares in concrete-floored booths across two halls of the Jakarta Convention Centre.