• Issue
  • Mar 04, 2021

Manila: Artinformal Gallery

Unguided by any exhibition text, visitors to Artinformal Gallery in Greenhills may have been confounded by “Familiar Hunting, Unfamiliar Gathering” at first. However, this did not indicate the absence of any curatorial framing. The gallery, repurposed from a two-story house, was neatly divided between the four artists Miguel Aquilizan, Nice Buenaventura, Jessica Dorizac, and Costantino Zicarelli. Given their sharply contrasting sensibilities, the presentations initially appeared incongruous, yet several passes around the space yielded the chance to divine meaning from the show’s title, and to sense unexpected affinities between the works on display.

Scattered across two adjacent walls of the first room was Dorizac’s Diamond Series (2020), comprising 38 configurations of folded vintage Japanese cardboard in vibrant hues and geometric patterns, with each composition encased within a four-pointed box frame. On a nearby pedestal was Pool (2020), a thin, vertical sculpture of serrated wooden blades erected on a plinth, painted all over in a wildly popular mint-green shade that is ubiquitous in the Philippines. In using quotidian materials to craft her unusual forms, Dorizac exemplifies the negotiation of familiar and unfamiliar referenced in the exhibition’s title.