• Issue
  • Mar 04, 2021

Sydney: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

At 1,200-degrees Celsius, a drop of molten bronze can burn through flesh in seconds. For Lindy Lee, however, working with this dangerous medium holds a meditative power. This sumptuous materiality permeated Lee’s survey at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), “Moon in a Dew Drop.” Titled after a book by 13th-century Zen monk Dgen, the exhibition posited that even a single drop—be it water or molten metal—contains the universe.

Born in Brisbane in 1954 to Chinese immigrants, Lee long held a sense of “unbelonging” that she only began to reconcile in the 1990s through Daoism and Zen Buddhism. Their philosophies of chance, the power within each moment, and entanglements between nature, humanity, and the cosmos significantly influence Lee’s work and unfurl in what she terms a “practice of curiosity.”